I'm honored to share this publication by Photoshelter that I was interviewed for along with 4 other bad ass photographers and an art buyer - Breaking into Commercial Photography.  My featured interview is highlighted below, and a Photoshelter blog post that highlights my interview.
"When you are creating photography that comes from the heart and truly love doing it, it comes through in the photography."

A good place to start is with your own work. Chrissy Lynn, a San Francisco-based commercial photographer, stresses the importance of figuring out your own niche and point of view in order to attract clients. “Pick five words that you want to describe your work,” she says. Then let those words guide everything you do, from choosing photos for your portfolio to targeting clients. “Once you have a point of view, then there’s value,” she says. “Then people are coming to you for your style and ability and are willing to pay for that.” 
If you’re new to commercial photography, start-ups and small businesses could be good starter clients as you build your body of work. When Chrissy Lynn was building the fashion side of her businesses, she targeted local designers who looked like they could use better photography on their websites. “Of the five or six people I reached out to, one of them is still a client,” she says.
While you’re targeting smaller clients, Chrissy Lynn recommends making a list of your dream clients. As you gain more confidence, “reach out to [those dream cli- ents] directly when you have work to show.” 
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